About Us

Jim's Marine Electrical, About Us, Vancouver BC

Always Personal Service

When you call Jim’s Marine Electrical, Jim answers the phone and Jim arrives to do the work. You get Jim’s extensive, professional experience, recommendations based on what’s best for your boat and based on what the industry standard is for your situation. No shortcuts and no “this’ll do” work. Jim’s minimum standard is a high standard.

It’s Your Boat

It’s your boat. This means you’re in charge and decisions are made with you and by you, not for you. Jim will inform you of the issues, ask for your preference, give you an idea of the cost and consult with you if there are additional, unexpected costs.

Jim prefers to keep your electrical systems simple so they’re easily maintainable. He will tell you; “I’m not here to sell you unnecessary parts or services!

Jim's Marine Electrical, About Us, Vancouver BC
Jim's Marine Electrical, About Us, Vancouver BC

Contact Jim if:

→ Your boat is in the Vancouver area

→ Your boat is over 30 feet LOA with diesel engines

→ Jim works on the electrical issues of your engine, not the engine

→ You need a battery upgrade. Note, we don’t install Lithium Ion batteries

→ You need an upgrade to your electronics or various NMEA devices and networking. Note, we do not repair old electronics.

→ Note: minimum call-out charge is $500